Contributor FAQ

FotoSpout Contributor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve put this FAQ together to help new image contributors get started with FotoSpout. If you have a question that’s not answered below, please reach out to us via our contact form or by sending an email to and we’ll get back to you just as quickly as we can.

How much does it cost to become a FotoSpout Contributor to be able to share/sell photos (free or otherwise)?
Zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Do I need to be a professional photographer to become a FotoSpout Contributor?
Nope. We only ask that our Contributors are truly passionate about travel, have solid cameras (e.g. a modern DLSR), and that images are of good quality, interesting–and hopefully travel-inspiring. If you’re not interested in submitting photos to FotoSpout Image collections, general members can post travel and adventure videos, photos and share travel experiences on the FotoSpout Travel Blog. NOTE: Videos or Photos posted to the FotoSpout Travel Blog are not available for sale/license by FotoSpout Members; only images that appear in FotoSpout’s image collections are able for license/download by Members.

How much can I sell my images for?
Images on FotoSpout can only be listed through FotoSpout’s Pay-What-You-Wish” pricing model. So, Members can choose to pay nothing at FotoSpout images or they can choose to name their own price. When Members choose to name their own price, the minimum payment is $1. When FotoSpout Members view the image details page, they see two pricing options: $0 or “Pay What you Wish.” The Pay-What-You-Wish” price option is added by the FotoSpout Crew when new images are uploaded or edited by the contributor.

What’s the commission rate for FotoSpout Contributors?
Contributors earn a 50% commission of each image license sale through FotoSpout.

Where does the rest of the money go?

  • 25% goes to agencies whose mission is to help the 700+ million people on the planet without access to clean water.
  • 10% goes to online transaction processing (secure credit payments, etc.)
  • 15% goes to FotoSpout (Site admin team)

Why would I contribute an image to FotoSpout that may often generae zero commission for me, when my travel could have potentially cost me loads of dollars?
FotoSpout image contributors are travel and photography enthusiasts willing to generously share photos and experiences with our online community, while supporting a really great cause. While contributors may make ‘some pocket money’ from image sales and may gain some exposure to our online community, we hope they are “in it” primarily to be part of a project that’s supporting a great cause. Candidly, we are definitely not a large stock photography agency and would never want to set any misleading financial expectations for any of our contributors.

How do I become a FotoSpout Contributor?
Simply complete the registration form on the Become a Contributor page. You’ll receive an email notification as soon as our team completes the review of your Contributor registration request.

What kind of content should I submit?
Photos should be travel and adventure related/inspiring and ideally taken as you roam, wander and explore the planet. We are looking for experiences and places, not faces, so images should never include recognizable individuals, even if you have model releases in hand. We are definitely NOT looking for images you often find on many stock photography sites – you know the ones we’re talking about: businessman at whiteboard with colleagues awkwardly showing excitement; customer service rep with 1970’s headset. In a nut shell, we love real-life photos, not staged stock. So a creative shot of your cat on the couch may be cool, but, a shot of your dog traipsing through a forest while you’re on a hike is more likely to be accepted. Nothing against cats of course. Be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Why aren’t images watermarked by FotoSpout to protect against theft and unauthorized use on the Internet?
After a long period (in beta) of using watermarks that were automatically applied to uploaded images, we decided to toss them as part our Site. We definitely realize some FotoSpout Contributors may not be comfortable with this. Contributors should submit smaller resolution images for the Images Details pages. Rest assured that FotoSpout Members can only secure the full-size, higher resolution image, once they have gone through the checkout process. See our Submission Guidelines for more details on how to upload images.

Why can’t I submit images to FotoSpout with recognizable individuals, even if I have a model release in hand and when photos with people are often more valuable to marketers.
Wow, that was a long question! We definitely recognize that we’re living in the selfie age and that we’re closing the door on a huge category of photos—ones often sought after by marketers and agencies. As always, we’ll give you a candid response: We thought about this extensively and decided that, currently, our very tiny team we would not be able to handle the administrative overhead and legal enforcement/liability issues associated with licensing images that feature recognizable individuals. FotoSpout Members are able to post travel videos and photos that feature recognizable individuals to the Travel Blog section of FotoSpout, but these images are not eligible for license/sale.

How do people find
Word of mouth — that is, lots of friends and family who have really loud mouths. But, seriously, most of the traffic to our site comes from FotoSpout Contributors who share links to their image collections on social media, link referrals from our philanthropic partners and friends – as well as from site visitors who stumble upon the site searching for interesting places to travel to.