General FAQ

FotoSpout Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that’s not answered below, please reach out to us via our contact form or by sending an email to and we’ll get back to you just as quickly as we can.

What’s this all about?
FotoSpout is an online community and discussion forum where contributors from around the world share travel and adventure photos — and experiences. FotoSpout is also a first-of-its-kind online photography marketplace where registered FotoSpout members can license travel-related images through a Pay-What-You-Wish pricing model. FotoSpout started out as a personal travel blog that evolved into a passion project and social platform (hope that didn’t sound too pretentious) to inspire people to travel and explore the planet, while helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. To that end, we contribute 25% of all licensing fees generated on toward organizations committed to this important cause. FotoSpout is a project by FlashKite Corporation.

Who are FotoSpout Contributors?
FotoSpout images are generously submitted by FotoSpout Contributors who come from a wide range of photography levels: from dabblers to professionals. They are passionate about travel and have a real love for photography. FotoSpout contributors are divers and hikers, swimmers and bikers, bird watchers and skimboarders, naturalists and naturists, trekkers and kayakers, jet setters and trail runners, stone skippers and skinny dippers, roamers and wanderers — ok, we’ll stop now, you get the picture (clever pun intended). 🙂

Who are FotoSpout Members?
FotoSpout Members are registered users of who visit the Site to discover places to visit and to interact with members of the FotoSpout community, or to license/download royalty-free images submitted by approved FotoSpout Contributors. Members who buy FotoSpout Images are marketers, bloggers, developers, startups, small companies, big companies, creative professionals, freelancers and agencies — plus lots of friends and family. FotoSpout Members are also able to post their travel and adventure videos, stories and share travel experiences on the FotoSpout Travel Blog.

Which images are available for license by FotoSpout Members?
Only images that appear in FotoSpout’s image collections are able for license/download by FotoSpout Members. You can quickly find out if an image is available for license (free or otherwise) if you see a “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” button in the right sidebar of the image details page. NOTE: Videos or Photos posted to the Travel Blog section of the Site are not available for sale/license by FotoSpout Members.

How much does it cost to become a FotoSpout Member to be able to license/download photos in FotoSpout’s image collections?
Zero, zip, zilch, nada. It’s free to become a member and there are no monthly subscription fees.

How much does it cost to purchase/download a Royalty-Free image from the FotoSpout site?
All FotoSpout Images are available for license via a Pay-What-You-Wish pricing model, to make them brilliantly accessible. So, members can choose to pay nothing at all for an image or those able and wanting to show some love to our FotoSpout Image Contributors, philanthropic partners and the FotoSpout Crew can name their own price ($1 or greater). But, seriously, no pressure. 🙂

What the heck does “Royalty-Free” mean anyway?
Royalty-free means that after you’ve secured the initial permission to use a photo, you do not have to pay additional or recurring fees for each person who sees or uses it. Be sure to check out our FotoSpout Licensing Agreement for additional info.

How do I license/download FotoSpout Images?
Register for free to become a FotoSpout Member; browse or search for images in one of our curated image collections; then, complete the online checkout process. NOTE: If you are licensing/downloading a free image, you’ll still need to go through the checkout process, but, rest assured that you won’t need to enter any credit card or payment information. If you’ve decided to show some love to our philanthropic partners and image contributors, you’ll be able to download images securely using our third-party payment processor (PayPal); then, you’ll receive a link to download the full-size, higher resolution version of the image you licensed.

Do I need to credit the photographer or FotoSpout when I use a photo from FotoSpout’s Image Collections?
Photo Credit/Attribution is always appreciated, but not required — unless your using the image in an editorial context (public interest, newsworthy stuff, etc.). If you are using a FotoSpout image in an editorial context, here’s the recommended format to follow:

  • Name of Photographer/

How large are full-size images?
All images are a minimum size of 1366 x 768 pixels. Most images are large enough to work nicely in digital ad campaigns and in use on blogs, social media and digital marketing campaigns. Many images are large, high-res images that can be used in print campaigns. The size of the full-size image is noted next to the price of the image on the image details page.

How can I use FotoSpout images?
Awesome question. We’re glad you asked. Be sure to check out our License Agreement for all terms.

Where do licensing fees go?

  • 50% goes to the FotoSpout Contributor (photographer who submitted the photo)
  • 25% goes to agencies whose mission is to help the 700+ million people on the planet without access to clean water.
  • 10% goes to online transaction processing (secure credit payments, etc.) – we’re working on getting this down.
  • 15% goes to FotoSpout (Site admin team)

What specific non-profit organization(s) will benefit from FotoSpout licenses fees?
25% of the proceeds from each image license fee generated on will currently benefit, an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers innovative, sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To learn more about the global water crisis and to find out other ways in which you can transform lives, be sure to visit the page at, well you know,

How do I become a FotoSpout Member?
Simply complete the quick registration form on the Become a Member page.