Submission Guidelines

FotoSpout Contributor Submission Guidelines

NOTE: These guidelines are specifically for photos being submitted by FotoSpout Contributors to FotoSpout Image Collections; it is not intended for FotoSpout Members who submit posts (photos/experiences) to the FotoSpout Travel Blog.

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Last updated: October 11, 2017

Please refer to the FotoSpout Contributor Submission Guidelines below before submitting images or other content to FotoSpout. We also encourage you to review our Contributor FAQ (as quirky as it may be) before submitting images for review by the FotoSpout site administrative team. While we have provided some technical, content and legal specifications below, Contributors must agree to the full terms of the FotoSpout Contributor Agreement and FotoSpout Site Terms of Use before submitting images for review by the FotoSpout site administrative team.

+ All photos must be uploaded in JPEG format
+ The minimum size for the full-size photo versions is 1366 x 768 pixels
+ Smaller, lower resolution images used for the Featured Images and Image Thumbnails should be about 800 pixels wide
+ Photos must not be larger than 10MB
+ Images must be from a camera that has a minimum of 12 megapixels
+ Be sure to include the file extension (JPG) to images you upload
+ Include file names based on the subject matter of your photography
+ Do not use spaces in filenames or special characters such as ~ ! @ & * ( ) ` ; # $ % ^ < > ? , [ ] { } ‘ “. Underscores and dashes are okay.
+ Be sure to preview images at 100% for image quality errors prior to submission.
+ Images should be free from quality issues (exposure, noise, chromatic aberrations, etc.)

+ Images should be travel and adventure related/inspiring and ideally taken as you roam, wander and explore the planet.
+ We are looking for places, not faces. Images must not include recognizable individuals.

+ You are responsible for the photos or other content you upload.
+ You must be the original creator of images or content you submit to FotoSpout. It must be yours and yours alone.
+ Images cannot include visible logos or trademarks that may infringe the copyright of any third party
+ Images must not feature recognizable individuals, regardless of whether the Contributor has secured model or releases
+ Images must not include buildings, goods or property that may be protected by intellectual property rights. Cityscapes may be accepted, as long as commercial or private buildings are not the primary subject of the image.
+ Images must not include content shot on private property or content that features private property, even if shot on public property
+ Images cannot contain obscene, sexually explicit content or content that advocates violent behavior.

+ Once you have been approved as a FotoSpout Contributor by Site administrative team, log into your account and go to the Contributor Dashboard page.
+ AS A HEADS UP: YOU’LL NEED TO UPLOAD TWO VERSIONS OF YOUR IMAGE: A SMALLER VERSION FOR FEATURED/THUMBNAIL IMAGES; AND THE HIGHER RESOLUTION, FULL-SIZE IMAGE. (If you do not know how to re-size an image 🙂 we’d love to lend a hand – just email us at and we’d be happy to assist).
+ Click on the “Add Photo” link
+ Enter an Image title, be sure to include the name of the place in the “Title” field
+ Specify the “Image Size” of the full-size image. This is the file Members will have access to once they go through the checkout process. Full-size images must be a minimum size of 1366 x 768 px. Please include image dimensions in the following format: 2255 x 1331 px.
+ Upload the “Featured Image” for the Photo. This is the smaller, lower resolution image (not the actual Image Download for sale) that will be used as a featured/thumbnail image on various pages throughout the site, including your Contributor main page (store). The Featured Image size should be about 800 pixels wide. Remember, this is not the actual Image the FotoSpout Member will download, you’ll upload the actual Image Download in a few steps.
+ Select the Image “Download Category.” You must select from existing categories (relevant to the subject matter of the image) featured on the home page. You can select multiple categories (but, no more than 3) by holding down the CTRL Key if you’re on a PC, or the Command key if you’re on a MAC.
+ Include “Tags” for your Photo. You must include at least three download tags. Use a comma to separate each tag.
+ Include a “Photo Description” of your image. Be sure to include details on where the photo was taken. NOTE: When site visitors enter a search keyword, only data in the “Title” and “Photo Description” fields are searched. So, be sure to include the name of the place in the “Title” field and the name of the city, country, ocean, lake, mountain, hiking trail, etc. that you captured in the Photo Description field.
+ Specify the photo “Download Price. FotoSpout images can only be listed as $0.00 for a RF license. A “Pay What You Wish” price option with a minimum payment of $1 will be automatically added to each submission.
+ Upload the higher-resolution download file using the “UPLOAD.” button directly from your computer and not from the Media Library. So, hit “Upload,” then “Upload Files,” then “Insert File URL.” DO NOT fill in a URL in the field provided. The system will generate a URL based on your upload to our Amazon hosting services, where files are securely stored. This will be the full-size, higher resolution image/file that FotoSpout members will download upon completion of the check-out process. Remember: Be sure to upload the full-size image AGAIN from your computer and NOT from the media library. 🙂
+ Agree to the terms of the Contributor Agreement and the Site Terms of Use Agreement
+ Enter your camera brand and model
+ Click on the “Submit” button to complete the Image upload process.
+ You will receive notification from the FotoSpout site administrative team as soon as your image submission has been approved/rejected. 🙂

If you have any questions at all about the FotoSpout Contributor Submission Guidelines, please reach out to us via email at: We know the above steps may seem a tad tedious, but it’s really easy once you’ve gone through the process the first time.